Green Mobility Zone


The Low Carbon and Climate Resilient City Development project (CapaCITIES) funded by the Swiss Development Agency since 2016 is being implemented in eight Indian cities. It aims to adopt measures for lowering greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing resilience to climate change in an integrated manner. The first phase of the CapaCITIES programme identified key emission contributors and implemented effective pollution-reduction measures. The second phase of the project assists cities in developing a Green Mobility Zone (GMZ) to reduce GHG emissions, air pollution, and traffic congestion in densely populated areas. It aims to provide sustainable alternative modes of transport and promote public transportation and non-motorized transportation.

The Urban Lab is appointed by ICLEI for conducting a technical feasibility study for developing Green Mobility Zone in the walled City of Udaipur. The objectives of the study include conducting travel and freight demand assessment of the GMZ; developing future transport demand models; and supporting seamless integration of e-mobility. The study has led to formation of GMZ zones and strategies for its implementation. The Urban Lab team has developed detailed designs for street improvement in the inner areas of Udaipur, which can be implemented as a pilot project.

Primary surveys including user surveys, origin- destination, classified volume surveys
Mobility pattern assessment
Traffic demand assessment
Infrastructure demand assessment
Assistance in development of business models
Policy formulation

Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)

Coordinates Consulting

April 2022 to ongoing