Street design for ST road


Homes In the City (HIC) is a programme initiated in 2008 by a group of NGOs in Bhuj. The aim of the program is to make Bhuj a humane and happy living place for all, especially the underprivileged section. This project under the HIC program came into effect to safeguard the livelihood of street vendors who are threatened by increasing traffic congestion and the threat of eviction. According to the Street Vendors Act, 2014, Bhuj has already formed a Town Vending Committee (TVC) for representing the interests of street vendors. HIC with the help of TVC has identified various vending zones in Bhuj.

The Urban Lab was appointed to develop a street layout design prioritising the vending zones for ST bus station road in Bhuj. The scope of work included assessment of vending zones and vending plans, documentation of vending patterns and behaviour. The data was obtained through secondary and primary sources including focussed group discussions and semi-structured interviews with the stakeholders. Post identification of issues, the team proposed various design alternatives. Through a consultative process with the street vendors, Bhuj Nagar Palika and the local administration, the selected proposals were further detailed out for implementing as pilot projects.

Vendor survey
Layout design
Focussed group discussions and stakeholder consultations
Identification of proposals
Street layout and design

Homes in the City (HIC)

March 2022 – May 2022