Futility of infinite parking supply, Ahmedabad


Vehicle ownership and parking demand are rising in Indian cities. There is a widespread assumption that cities do not have sufficient parking supply to cater to this demand. We believe that there is a pseudo-supply shortage. The research is designed to assess whether this hypothesis is true. It includes case study of Corporate Road in Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad, which is a commercial street with mixed-use development with limited access to public transport.

The Urban Lab initiated this study to find empirical evidence to assess if the 'supply' centric approach is a universal solution to all the parking problems on commercial streets of Indian cities. User surveys were conducted to assess the current parking demand and supply ratio, citizens' behaviour when parking is charged, and users' willingness to shift to public transport. The study concluded that there is a pseudo-parking shortage on Corporate Road. The study also found that the solution to parking woes is demand management. Cities can only provide a finite supply. The research assessed the effectiveness of measures for managing parking demand like charging for parking and provision of public transport.

Occupancy survey
Parking counts
License plate survey
Willingness to pay - user survey
Willingness to shift to public transport-user survey

June 2020 - June 2021