Collaborative Research Program (CRP)


The research team at The Urban Lab is looking to expand interdisciplinary research in areas of sustainable mobility through a Collaborative Research Program (CRP). CRP has emphasis on deepening research through shared knowledge, new synergies, and expertise through collaboration with universities, industry experts, academicians, and independent researchers. CRP would leverage the strengths of partners to innovate, expand, and deepen interdisciplinary research on urban mobility in India.

The program welcomes global experts to conduct research in transport practices in India. The Urban Lab shall provide support in the form of contextual expertise, local knowledge, workspace infrastructure, and networks. The initiative intends to strengthen research leading to policy outcomes and actionable projects.

We are open to collaborate in multiple ways, including:

  • Developing proposals for funding
  • Facilitating and conducting primary surveys
  • Establishing a network with concerned stakeholders
  • Providing an overview of transport challenges in Indian cities
  • Providing access to local government data
  • Conducting joint research with case studies of Indian cities or a mix of global cities
  • Providing infrastructure in terms of office space and work essentials in Ahmedabad for international experts willing to work on ground for the research
  • Co-authoring research publications

For further details, get in touch with us at