Street Design for Pune Streetscape Program


Pune Streetscape Program initiated by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) aims to create walkable streets for all. PMC identified 100 km of arterial streets under the program. PMC engaged consultants to develop solutions for placemaking and street redesigning.

The Urban Lab with IBI Group redesigned 18.5 km of Satara and Solapur road under this project. These two roads are arterial streets with high bus traffic. They connect to the regional bus terminal in Pune. The design focuses on developing complete streets with safe and compact junctions, continuous footpaths, cycle tracks, and public spaces. The design also involves restructuring BRTS stations from kerb-side to median.

Concept design
Stakeholder consultation
Detail design
Bill of Quantities
Tender document preparation
Site supervision

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)
IBI Group

Arya Architects
JIT Engineering
Multi Media Consultants Pvt Ltd

May 2016 - June 2018