Source Book of Public Bicycle Sharing Systems in India


The study is facilitated by GIZ under their Integrated and Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for the Smart Cities program (SMART-SUT). It is an extension of the study – Evaluation of Public Cycle Sharing Systems in India. The Sourcebook provides an overview of the business models of PBS systems operating in India. There are 23 operational PBS systems, with different business models and contractual terms. The sourcebook provides in detail information about the key parameters of the adopted business model and contractual terms for each of these systems. The parameters include existing stakeholders, fare structure, details on the type of business model, key tender information for selection of operator, contractual terms, risk allocation, revenue sources, and payment terms.

The intent of the sourcebook is to provide verified information about the existing operating structures to help decision-makers. The collective information can be used by aspiring cities in selecting the suitable business model for planning, designing, and implementing the PBS system in their respective city.



Coordinates Infrastructure Consulting

February 2020 – July 2020