Redevelopment of Jaipur and Jaipur-Gandhinagar Stations


The Ministry of Railway has undertaken the redevelopment of railway stations across India. To realise the vision, the authority formed and appointed Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC) as the nodal agency to re-develop the existing/ new railway stations in India. The redevelopment involves upgrading the level of service and amenities to the highest standards to better serve passenger needs. As part of the program, IRSDC commenced the redevelopment of Jaipur and Jaipur-Gandhinagar stations.

The Urban Lab is appointed by Kamlesh Parekh Architects to develop the integrated traffic plan for both the stations. The scope of work includes preparation of the masterplan for the railway premise, traffic circulation plan, inter-modal transport facility plan, and urban design interventions.

Traffic demand assessment
Assessment of the level of service
Traffic projection and planning
Junction design
Detailed master plan design

Kamlesh Parekh Architects

January 2020 – Ongoing