EnteKochi Urban Design Competition 2020

EnteKochi Urban Design Competition 2020 seeks to generate new ideas for the Mullassery Canal neighbourhood of Ernakulum, Kochi. The competition was jointly hosted by Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC) and GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation).

The Urban Lab participated in design competition with a vision to revive life in the Mullassery canal and its adjoining area. The central idea is to purify air, water and earth and let Mullassery area ‘breathe’ naturally. It intends to create ‘breathe in’ spaces and systems reduce flooding risk, water containment, and traffic congestion. The ‘breathe out’ spaces and systems pump in energy and vibrancy in the area through wetland creation, park revival, decentralised water treatment system, ecosystem restoration, placemaking, local economic development, and inclusive development.

The design aims to change the identity of Mullassery—from a congested, low-economic, hazard prone place of neglect to an inclusive, adaptive sought-after public space in Kochi with multi-modal integration and green buildings. The design has evolved after critical diagnosis of the people, the living environment, and the inefficiencies in service delivery. The design development is based on the following strategies:

1. Mitigate Floods
2. Promote Adaptive Spaces
3. Promote Walkability
4. Promote Placemaking
5. Provide Opportunity for Local Economic Development
6. Integrate Multiple Modes
7. Promote Green Urbanism

The masterplan proposes four distinct zones. The ‘Green Zone’ comprises of an urban oasis, wetland, rain garden, parks and public spaces. The ‘Knowledge Zone’ comprises of an open library and reading areas, secured spaces for a research centre, seminar room and activation of dead edges through public spaces elements. The ‘Recreational and Commercial Zone’ has vending areas, children play area, urban forest, and public space along wetlands. The ‘Transit Zone’ comprises of redevelopment of the KSRTC bus and depot terminal, urban oasis wetland park, multifunctional spaces like bus parking and democratic space for organising citizen forums.

Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC)
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)

Sohel Mansur Architects
Sukhprit Kaur

July 2020 – August 2020