Breakout session: What are streets for?

The Urban Lab conducted a breakout session in the placemaking week held in Amsterdam on 12th October 2017. A brief description of the session is given below.

How can the world's busiest streets act as destinations as well as thoroughfares?
The session explored the multiple conflicts between city planning, design, traffic engineering, and the life of our streets. It discussed the issues related to design, planning and management of public spaces taking the case of Ahmedabad’s placemaking initiatives.

As in many Indian cities, the streets of Ahmedabad are its most vital public spaces, supported by mixed land uses and informal street activity. When the city implemented a Bus Rapid Transit System in 2009, at first it benefited the bazaar and informal street life of one of the city's prime arterials. The condition soon became dangerous after the roads were widened to allow thoroughfare for traffic.

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