Bhuj Mobility Study


Homes In the City (HIC) is a programme initiated in 2008 by the civil society in Bhuj. The aim is to contribute and participate by volunteering in their respective colonies and the initiative has now grown for hundreds of citizens in Bhuj to make it a humane and happy living place for all. Transport is one element that worsens as the economy improves. Bhuj is not an exception. As Bhuj expanded after 2001, mobility requirements grew. While the middle and upper middle class became less dependent on government to plan and provide for their mobility needs, the urban poor, vulnerable groups such as women, school children (especially girls) were left out. With this background, NGOs in Bhuj felt the need to include urban mobility and accessibility, especially for vulnerable groups, in their programs. Keeping this in mind, the Homes in The City (HIC) decided to address transport issues in Bhuj from the vulnerable group perspective.

The Urban Lab, as transport experts was appointed to develop a mobility study for Bhuj, through a series of quantitative and qualitative assessments. The scope of work included analysis of traffic data obtained through primary and secondary sources, a series of focussed group discussions (FGD) and semi structured interviews. Post identification of issues, the team proposed a set of solutions that can be further developed into full-fledged proposals with budgets and timelines. The outcome was derived through an intensive participatory process along with primary and secondary data gathered through field surveys and government records.

Traffic and transportation survey
Qualitative and quantitative assessments
Focussed group discussions and stake holder consultations
Identification of proposals

Homes in the City (HIC)

July 2021 – Jan 2022